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The CP-PW-2500 stands as a powerhouse tool, equipped with a formidable 2500W motor that redefines the art of cleaning and dirt removal. Designed to tackle even the stubbornness grime, this pressure washer delivers a high flow rate of 390 l/hr, making it useful for industrial applications. Whether it's washing away years of built-up dirt or removing tough stains, this pressure washer is efficient and effective. From grinding away accumulated residue to revitalizing surfaces, the CP-PW-2500 is your ultimate solution for achieving pristine cleanliness.

CP-PW-2500 Pressure Washer

Power Source Type Electric Corded
Brand Camron Pro
Colour Blue & Black
Rated Voltage 220-240V
Rated Frequency 50-60HZ
Rated Power 2500W
Max. Flow 390L/hr
Motor Induction
Max. Pressure 110 Bar
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