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                The GCS 6222 excels in woodcutting, embodying power, precision, and durability. With its high-performance 2600W motor and displacement of 62cc, this chainsaw is engineered to handle a variety of woodcutting tasks. The guide bar, extending up to 22 inches, ensures efficient and effective coverage, making it an ideal choice for both small-scale maintenance and larger forestry projects. Operating at a no-load speed of 2800 revolutions per minute (rpm), it promises swift and accurate cutting, even through dense logs and branches. Beyond its impressive specifications, the GCS 6222 is designed with user comfort in mind, boasting an ergonomic grip that ensures a comfortable hold and reduces strain during prolonged use.

CP-GCS-6222 Gasoline Chainsaw

Power Source Type Gasoline
Brand Camron Pro
Colour Red
Engine Power 2.6KW
Displacement 62CC
Engine Air Cooling Single Cylinder Two Stroke
No Load Speed 2800 RPM
Input Power 2600W
Max. Cutting Diameter 550mm(22")
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